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Iris and Opal photographer, Jordan, with her family.

Humble Beginnings

My journey into photography was quite unexpected. It all started in 2016 on a beach vacation with my pregnant friend. She asked if I could take some pictures of her on the beach. I was immediately down for it and so off to Pinterest I ran in search of the perfect maternity beach poses.

As sunset rolled around we made our way down to the Florida beach and, iPhone in hand, we got to it.

The pictures were far from professional, but we had fun, and they are still treasured memories to this day. Not just the pictures, but the experience. And it sparked an excitement, a joy, in me that continues burning to this day.

I have spent quite a few years as a hobbyist photographer. Taking yearly pictures of her now, 6 year old boy and capturing the occasional wedding for a friend, or the friend of a friend.The timing was never quite right for starting a business until now.

Maternity photography


Highland, IL Family Photography


Why Iris and Opal?

"Is it the names of your grandmas"? I've gotten this question a few times. The answer is no. And while I love my grandmas very much and yes, Donna and Diane have a nice alliteration to them, I did not name my business after them. The names Iris and Opal come from my favorite flower and my favorite stone. Yepp, it's that simple! I love the delicate lines and the sweet, summery smell of iris flowers. And opal has always reminded me of a perfect sunset sky. It glistens with soft blues and light oranges that bring me a sense of peace and stillness. What better name to give to my business than two things that I think hold so much beauty?

Iris and Opal logo
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