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Marine Meadows: Colorful, Dreamy, Romantic Vibes for your Photos

Updated: Feb 23

This little slice of southern Illinois heaven is one of my favorite places to take pictures. Although this location can make for beautiful photos of any kind, it is a haven for senior pictures. The owners of Marine Meadows take great care of their property and they have even installed some props to include a gorgeous wooden swing hanging from a tall tree near the back of their property. It’ll transport you straight into the 1700s. Not literally, but time traveling swing? Did I just write the next best selling YA novel? Ahhh, I digress.

Best Seasons

The wildflowers are blooming somewhere around the beginning of July and die off during the first frost - usually towards the end of September. If you’re looking for the best wildflower shots, I would recommend booking in August. You can find blooms of other sorts beginning in late Spring as well.

Best Time of Day

There is nowhere to hide from the sun in this beautiful sea of wildflowers so for that reason I would only recommend a sunrise or sunset session at the meadows. There is some wiggle room, but those really are the times when we can capture those *chef’s kiss* perfect images!

What to wear

Neutrals and denim will do you a big favor amongst the colorfull backdrop. Colors are totally okay if you prefer, I would recommend adding blue, yellow, or pink color to your color palette for this area. If you need any help deciding on colors/patterns/outfits, I am always happy to help!


Hi friend! I am Jordan Urbeck of Iris and Opal Photography, a family, portrait, and event photographer located in Gillespie, IL and serving clients throughout the STL Metro region. I believe vibrant colors, genuine interactions, and creative storytelling bring photos to life and hold tangible memories. I aim to make every session an easy and positive experience so that your time with me feels more like a fun outing than a photoshoot. I can't wait to connect with you!


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